It is my desire to work collaboratively with you to help you reach your full potential and find healing. As each person comes to therapy with a different background and experience, I adopt an eclectic approach, using a combination of strategies, depending on your needs, likes and dislikes. I think of counselling as a great opportunity to develop new and adaptive ways of coping with the difficulties in life.

Being myself previously a client, I view individuals seeking therapy as a sign of personal strength. I couldn’t be more excited to start this journey with you and to navigate together the process of finding solutions for your life.

It is my believe that the therapeutic relationship is the most important aspect of a successful experience in counselling. I work to build a safe, non-judgmental, and trusting environment for clients. The values I go by are transparency, honesty and respect. I believe in building strong relationships based on trust and integrity. It is my goal to make you feel heard and understood in order to promote positive changes in your life by building resiliency and making sense of your story and experiencies.

There will be no waitlist for you to get the help you need. We keep a few appointments reserved for new clients, so we can get you in quick to discuss your needs. As I also recognize the importance of finding a therapist who ‘clicks’ and is a good fit for you, I am here to offer a free 20-minutes video consutation.


#300 – 160 Quarry Park Blvd SE
T2C 3G3, Calgary